Rachel Perkins, Myotherapist, RMT, OMT, LDT

Rachel Perkins is a Myotherapist qualified in Remedial Massage Therapy, Oncology Massage Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

Rachel has been working in the massage business for five years. She has worked at sports clubs, day spas, hospitals, and a chiropractic clinic, and has been able to give exceptional treatments using her extensive knowledge of the muscular, nervous and skeletal systems.

Through her studies and meetings with various patients, Rachel has found psychological well-being to be just as important as physical health. She acknowledges regular relaxation massages harbour great benefits to anyone suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, feelings of isolation and more.

Rachel has a high interest in bio-mechanics and bringing her patients a better quality of life through massage. She is passionate about helping her patients be the best they can be throughout any stage in life with the help of regular treatments, nutritional evaluations, and teaching patients how to actively listen to their body to understand its needs.