Our wonderful patients are the reason we’re in business. Below are some testimonials a few patients have provided to let those new to massage know they’re in good hands.

Tracy & Kev

“We have had Rachel see us quite a few times and every visit has been a massage miracle. She seems to have “knot radar” because she is able to find every knot or ache in every nook and cranny. When she is finished with you, you feel like a new person!

All areas of concern/pain have been addressed each time.  Rachel has used various techniques on both myself and my husband. Massage, dry needling, all sorts of stretches. Every time she works on us we feel fantastic afterwards!

Rachel asks questions and really finds out what problems we had and whereabouts we needed relief.  She has also done a relaxing massage on me and it was unbelievable!  I can honestly say it was the best relaxation massage I have ever had!”

– Tracy and Kevin

Cheryl“As I am ageing ( I am almost 50), I have found that my joints are not behaving in the same way that they did when I was younger.  This last 12 months has seen me having limited mobility with my left shoulder as well as unexpected loss of control along with sharp pain with my right leg.

I first saw Rachel with regard to my shoulder, she massaged it then gave me homework!! The homework was stretching exercises that I could easily do while watching tv at night – it didn’t feel like homework at all.  

These stretching exercises, along with another massage, has helped me regain most of the flexibility in my shoulder that I had when I was younger.  I can now stretch my arm high above my head without any pain.

Because Rachel helped so easily with my shoulder, I then asked if she could help with my issue with my right leg.  So another massage, then more homework!!  That’s right, more stretching exercises. I had to sit down and basically pull my right knee up over my left leg.  Again, something that I could do while watching tv at night.  

Again Rachel has proved her worth.  I no longer have any loss of control of my right leg.  It makes walking a pleasure rather than something to be worried about.

I highly recommend Rachel’s ability to treat various physical problems that occur as we age.

She has helped me find some of the vigour that I thought was gone forever.”

– Cheryl


“I have been seeing Rachel regarding my back problems for quite some time now, and I have noticed a remarkable difference in my pain levels and movement capabilities. I am now able to stretch and twist effortlessly when doing my exercises and the pain has lessened drastically to point where I no longer feel the need to use pain medication.

I thoroughly recommend Rachel to anyone who has experienced musculoskeletal related pain. “

– Eleanor